First post – Yay! I got married today.

It didn’t exactly go as planned, to be honest. Well, we didn’t really plan it as anything, but I guess what I mean is that it didn’t go the way it does in the movies. We woke up extra early (after getting three hours of sleep) in order to get ready and go to the Old Santa Ana Courthouse by 8am. We were exhausted.

We dressed together after taking a shower. I put on my suit that I bought a few months ago for a job interview (I didn’t get the job–not because they didn’t want me, but because it turned out to be network marketing and I really don’t like network marketing… Tried it once with a company called LegalShield, and no. Just no. Although, I did learn some valuable things while working with LegalShield. Check out Jim Rohn and Robert Kiyosaki. They will change your life. Anyway, I didn’t need the suit for the interview). Sorry, tangent. Anyway, she wore an amazing dress that she looked absolutely beautiful in, like a Greek Goddess. My Vietnamese Athena.

After we got there at about 9am, we realized that we TOTALLY didn’t need to get up that early. They weren’t even busy. The building is beautiful by the way. Here is a picture:

I’m not really that fat, I just had my jacket unbuttoned, I swear. When we got there, we had to walk the entire circumference of the building to find the entrance, then climb a thousand steps. She wore heels.

When we got inside, we were asked to fill out a form, wherein we decided to change my middle name to Buttmunch, and she took my last name as her middle name (for mail and other things, we didn’t want to have to change everything to her new last name). After we filled out the form, Vanny’s friend showed up. His name was Hai. I had never met him before that, but I appreciated the fact that he was willing to show up to be our witness at 830am. He took lots of pictures and signed as our witness. Nice guy.

After paying the fee (only $89), we were wed in a small chapel-room. I will have more pictures on my facebook shortly after this is posted.

We exchanged vows and I got to kiss the bride. After that, we were husband and wife. We went outside to take some more pictures, then headed home. Sadly, on the way out, we passed my a shrine dedicated to Kim Pham, a girl who was murdered a few nights ago.

Kim Pham’s Tragic Murder

Then we hopped on the freeway and headed back for Huntington Beach. Being that we were exhausted from not getting a full night’s sleep, and starving from not eating breakfast, we stopped off at a famous restaurant called Paul’s Coffee Shop (It was on Guy’s Diners Drive-Ins and Dives) and ordered the awesome Chicken-Fried Chicken. We left full and happy. Finally, we drove home (to my parent’s house where we cuddled and slept until it was almost time for her to go to work.

We stopped off at Macy’s to get a couple of wedding bands, but neither one of us was willing to spend several hundred dollars on a ring. We don’t have rings yet, but I’ve taken care of it.

Oh, there she is. She just called me, and now it’s time to pick her up from work. I can’t wait to spend tonight with my new Wife. ❤


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  1. I just read this and I’ve already decided that you guys HAVE to be together forever. Like if we run into each other five years from now at a coffee shop and you tell me that it ended, I will punch you in the face.

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