Divinity Chronicles: Emissaries of Night

When the town of Celtis is invaded by a party of orc raiders, Sylas and Dekar must fight to protect their home, but when the enemy proves too much for them, they are rescued by a dark being who restores them to life and bestows them with dark powers that twist their bodies. While their wounds heal, they are mentored by priests of the dark god, and trained to use their newfound abilities so that they may become champions of the dark god. However, these two brothers have different plans. With the destruction of their home town fresh in their minds, they set out to get revenge against the orc raiders who invaded their home and their lives.

After leaving the priests, they discover that much more time has gone by then they thought, and find themselves in a rebuilt Celtis, with completely new inhabitants. Their hatred is not quelled after learning that the orcs were eventually defeated and driven back to the Blue Plains, and so they decide to take the battle to them, but first, they need an army. With the righteous fury of revenge over the loss of their friends and family driving them, an evil deity lurking in the shadows, looking to collect a debt, an army of orcs at the border, and an unknown darkness flowing through their bodies, Sylas and Dekar struggle to keep their humanity while surrounded by malevolence.

This post was inspired by Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)


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