Living in California

Living in California is–quite frankly–bitter-sweet. Here, I went to the beach today (in the winter) to go for a run with my wife since the power was out in like half of Huntington Beach and the Gym was closed. So, we rode our bikes to the beach and ran along the board walk. While running, I found myself thinking about how much I love California, but then on the way home (we took the bike trail that runs along the river trail that separates Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa), I remembered that I can’t wait to get the hell out of here. So, here is my list of pro’s and con’s about living in California:

Since I like beginning things on a positive note, I’ll start with a pro, then rebuttal with a con.

1. (Pro) The beach is literally within walking distance of my house, that’s pretty rad. Their are so many great things about the beach: watching sunsets, beautiful, half-naked girls EVERYWHERE, events are always happening there (today was a coca-cola advertising event where people rode a bicycle that was linked to a calorie-counter/vending machine [it was pretty neat]. However, I thought it was a poor way to advertise, since it basically showed how BAD coke is. Spend ten minutes busting your ass on a bicycle, only to completely wipe away all your hard work by drinking a coke. Seriously, whoever thought of that is an idiot. Although, it was still a fun time for everyone involved.), and there is always something to do, surf, body-board, tan, go to the bars or restaurants, go shopping, etc.

2. (Con) While the beach is great during a warm California winter, I highly recommend staying the hell away from the beach during the summer. When it’s hot, the beach FLOODS with shoobies–tourists. These people are the worst. Now, I understand the appeal of bringing your family to the beach when you live nowhere near it, but these people have no idea about beach-courtesy (yes it’s a thing). Example: Today, the beach was pretty crowded, not summer-crowded, but crowded. Looking around at all the people, I noticed something. Most of these people were locals, and the beach was clean. The thing is, locals respect the beach, but when summer comes around, there is such an abundance of trash. Really, it makes me think of that advertisement where the Native-American sees someone litter, then cries. Yeah, it’s like that. Basically, during the best time of the year, the beach sucks.

3. (Pro) There is EVERY kind of restaurant in California. There is such a diverse group of people living in Orange County that we get to experience the best foods. On my block alone, there is an Old-Fashioned American-style restaurant, a Mediterranean joint, a Vegan hut, a Japanese restaurant, an Itallian Restaurant, a Subway, and a frozen yogurt bar–just on the block that I live on, and no, I don’t live next to a food-court.

4. (Con) I have to say it: the traffic sucks. Now this may be a little biased due to the fact that I was hit on my motorcycle by an idiot who ran a red light, but SERIOUSLY. People are stupid when they are behind the wheel of a car, and when you throw thousands of idiots into a small area, people get hurt. I live near Adams and Brookhurst, two major streets in Huntington Beach, and there is at least one accident on our corner every month. Now that I’ve experienced it, I look out for stupid drivers, and I’d say about 1 in every four drivers I look at are texting while they drive. This is a MAJOR reason why California, or probably any major city SUCKS.

5. (Pro) There is a lot of opportunity in California. It’s true, people come to California to make it big, and sometimes it happens. With a lot of hard work, and some luck, California is the perfect place to be if you want to be successful. Although, I hear New York is pretty good too.

6. (Con) There are too many people. Have you ever heard of the book: The Disposable American? It’s kind of like that. Now I’m sure it’s like this throughout most of the United States, but for most workers, they are treated as disposable, replaceable, like a machine–if it doesn’t work the way you want it to, then you can just toss it away and get a new one for cheaper. That’s basically how it is here. There is a lot of work, but you have to be willing to demean yourself and be someone’s bitch. I know lot’s of people with Bachelors degrees or even Masters degrees who work in grocery stores. It’s not right.

7. (Con) Not to sound preachy, but there is a lot of sin here. Crime runs rampant in California. You can’t leave your car unlocked ANYWHERE. I don’t even feel safe leaving the windows cracked. Bikes are stolen on a regular basis. Gangsters hang out in places like Downtown Huntington Beach where they get drunk and attack random people. Speaking of that, since there are a lot of bars here, there are also a lot of drunk people out at night–every night. Huntington Beach is also known as DUI City because of all the drunk drivers. Just last week, there was a girl who was jumped by a group of drunks in Downtown Santa Ana for accidently walking past the camera while they were taking a picture. She died a few days later. I went to LA one time, and had a gun pulled on me. I haven’t been back. Most of the cities around here are run-down and full of drug-addicts or drunks. Seriously, not cool

Overall, I have come to the conclusion that I want to leave California. I’m going to finish out my school here and when I can afford it, I’m going to leave. I hear good things about Washington and Texas, maybe I’ll move out there. Who knows, if my plans for self-employment work out, maybe I could work and travel. California isn’t that bad, and there are a lot of amazing people here, and a lot of fun things to do. Maybe I’m focusing too much on the bad stuff. There’s always Disneyland.



  1. hmm… i have plans of moving to California, like LA area. I’m from the east coast. After reading how you said crimes and gangsters are very rampant in LA however, I am not a little worried lol. How about maybe San Francisco area? Maybe it’s better environment up there? 🙂

      1. To be fair, I have a lot of friends who love Los Angeles. It’s quite a party town. I just happened to end up in the wrong place, but it was enough for me to decide not to go back. A lot of people love it in California, and Orange County is a lot better than LA. If you have the money for it, San Francisco can be nice.
        I don’t know how it is on the east coast, but if you live out here, unless you live somewhere really nice, I wouldn’t recommend doing things like leave your car unlocked, though people do and nothing happens. I’ve seen a lot of crime and drugs, but I know a lot of poor people and stupid teenagers.
        I drove to Disneyland from Costa Mesa today, and areas like Westminster and Santa Ana get pretty low quality. So mostly, it just depends where you live.
        Pretty much, the percent of criminals is about the same, we just have a lot more people.

  2. i agree it def depends on the area where you live. same here in the east coast, some areas have a lot of crimes too. i def want to get out of the winter/snow zone though so i’m thinking of settling down somewhere in cali. 🙂

    1. Look at Huntington Beach, it’s a nice place to live. If you can, I recommend buying a house there, because rent can be $1,200+ depending on how close to the beach you are. and for $1,200, dont expect much.

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