Kit Fox Plays D&D

Hello all, in this installment of Kit Fox Says, I’ll be sharing with you my latest and greatest undertaking. As the title suggests, in this scene, I’ll be sharing with you my recent experience playing D&D (Dungeons and Dragons 4e). In case you don’t know what that is, I’ll share with you a brief explanation:

D&D is a tabletop roleplaying game based on the fantastic novel series: The Lord of the Rings. In this game, you create a character and then assume the role of said character in a world invented by you and your friends. The goal of this game is to go on adventures and have a good time. At least, that is what it is supposed to be.

We began by meeting up at my friend Wyatt’s house. There were four of us. Myself, Wyatt, Angel, and Captain Whacko. We each pitched in and got ourselves a couple of pizzas, then picked our characters. I went first, and choose Beerus, the Dark Elf Warlock. Captain Whacko went second, choosing Copius Danks, the Elf Rogue. After Whacko, Angel picked Valen, the Half-Elf Paladin, and Wyatt went last, settling with some gender-ambiguous half-elf chick. Then we began.

So far, a good start. Wyatt was DMing (Dungeon Master-ing), and started us off in a prison. We were chained and beaten (cue the S&M jokes), and managed to sneak out when Copius picked the lock on his manacles and freed the rest of us. Fortunately, as we were escaping, the prison fell under seige by an orc raiding party, and we were able to fight our way out. After beheading several of the orcs, my character, Beerus gained a thirst for killing. Honestly, I had never seen this side of myself before–except for that one time in Seattle, but I’ll leave that for a later time.

After busting out of the Asylum, our group re-cooped ourselves in a nearby temple to the Sun-God. After skillfully avoiding the guards, we decided it a good idea for us to leave under the cover of night and seek safety in another land. First, we needed to get arms and armor, and paid a visit to a friend of ours who owned an armor-smithy. Unfortunately, when we asked him for armor, he informed us that his armor had been stolen and if we wanted it, we would have to get it ourselves.

So off we went in search of the thief, whom our smithy friend named “Falconi.” His mansion was said to be somewhere in the slums, and so we had to wade our way through sick, homeless people in order to get to our destination. We found it with relative ease, and approached the door stealthfully. We approached the door. There was a rustling inside. I reached for the doorknob and-

And that’s where it ends, I’ll let you guys know what we find on the other side.


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