Naruto d20: Sojiro Kudo

So Kaien died. This is Sojiro:

Sojiro Kudo was born in Konohagakure (The Village Hidden in the Leaf), to a woman of the Senju clan named Asami Senju, and a man named Junichi Kudo. Junichi was a member of a clan with a special gift in artistry, specifically drawing and painting. His clan had the ability to bring their art to life, an ability that was much respected.

When Sojiro was six years old, he began showing his bloodline’s abilities, bringing his art to life. Lord Danzo caught wind of this child and his gift, and wanted the boy for himself. First he tried to convince the couple to give him the child “For the good of Konoha,” but when they refused, he sent his ANBU to retrieve young Sojiro. His parents fought to defend him, but were slain by the ANBU. Before Danzo’s men could get to the child however, Sojiro’s grandfather, Sosuke Senju arrived and dispatched the assailants and rescued his grandson.

That night, Sosuke went to Lord Hiruzen, the Third Hokage and told him of the events that had transpired. Hiruzen told Sosuke to take the boy and leave the village, and so they did. Sosuke went to Iwagakure, where one of his old friends lived, and told the Tsuchikage of what had happened to bring them here. They were accepted into the village and have lived there since. Sosuke did not enroll Sojiro into the Academy, and instead, personally trained him to be a ninja. Now, at fourteen years old, Sojiro has been accepted into the ranks of Iwa’s ninja and been given the rank of genin. As Kaien’s replacement in Team 11, he is about to meet his new teammates, Hanzo and Katsuhiro.


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